June 9, 2009

Help Record a Unique Ring Tone!

Electronica Destructica is open to locals to come out and experimentally record a bunch of people's ringtones together to make new ringtones downloadable for free at yet-to-be-established Although you can currently stay updated on the blog,

From the description on their Facebook page:
Old and New Media resident artist T. Foley is looking for a few good ringtones for her public art project, Locally Toned. Join us at Encyclopedia Destructica Studios for an open ringtone recording session. Toned is a not-for-profit venture that involves Pittsburghers in the creation of original ringtones, and provides the free tones to the public via a website and MMS (multimedia messaging service) distribution.

What does Pittsburgh sound like? You! Bring your robots, moo-cow toys, drums, rattles, harmonica or voice, and your super-bad self, and MAKE YOUR OWN TONE! Residency co-host Encyclopedia Destructica will provide the space; the artist will provide the technical know-how and recording equipment.

Audio content must be copyright free (i.e., original compositions or sounds which exists in the natural world). Tone duration will be 30 seconds or less. Participants at this session will be photographed for possible inclusion in project exhibitions and archives. Tones will be made available to the public by the end of July at thanks to residency co-host, deeplocal.
You can checkout and RSVP to the event on the Facebook page:

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