June 18, 2009


From the Post-Gazette NOW:
Pittsburgh Pundits will bring out "CYRIL UNLEASHED, UNDAUNTED, UNBOWED," at Cabaret Theater, Seventh Street and Penn Avenue, at 10:30 p.m., with comedy hosts John McIntire and Gab Bonesso giving former Allegheny County Coroner Cyril Wecht his first opportunity to vent, uncensored, since charges against him were dropped.

Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers will present Cyril cartoons. Republican activist attorney Heather Heidelbaugh will critique "Persecutor" Mary Beth Buchanan. The PG's op-ed writer John Allison will add a hint of sanity but not much.

$5 or free if you've attended a Pittsburgh Cultural Trust show that night.
I thought the coolest part about this is seeing Rob Rogers' cartoons of Cyril - he always has some very funny shtuff! And in case you've been living under the Bloomfield Bridge the past year or so and don't know who Cyril Wecht is, here is his Wiki page.

(Illustration above is by Ted Crow, for the Post-Gazette)

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