June 4, 2009

Connie Cantor Scribbles!

This Saturday, June 6th, is the opening reception for Connie Cantor's show at the moxie DaDA gallery called "Scribbling for Dummies" from 6-9pm! Of course everyone loves to scribble (if you don't, then you're lying!), so how can you not like a whole gallery of scribbles? Really though, Connie's scribbles are like advanced scribbles, you know, for adults and stuff. It's like she scribbles not just for fun, but to create. OK, enough rambling!:)
From moxie DaDA gallery:
MOXIE DADA announces Connie Cantor's second solo exhibition, "SCRIBBLING FOR DUMMIES". Connie has been exploring with lines and unconscious marks to produce a dialogue of which cannot be heard. Her new series challenges us to use our own intuition by offering an interactive "scribbling" - making our own marks and creating our own dialogues. These marks come from an inner dialogue and expression… uncovering patterns and conversations within our selves.

Connie Cantor's current work explores the freedom and fluidity of "not knowing." Working in dialogue with the intuitive mark, Cantor gives language to an alphabet of effortless line and form. The work is random, playful, obsessive, informed by the inherent fertility of movement stripped of plan. "I am drawn to the strength and validity of accident." says Cantor. "There is an intelligence here that cannot be preconceived—a wiser voice I have chosen to trust and honor. The deeper the surrender of outcome, the more vital the conversation."
Sounds good to me! Aaand this isn't all! There will be an event held on Sat, June 20th at 7pm called "Scribblefest" in which you will team up with others to create your own scribbles. Stay tuned for details...keep scribbling in the meantime!

Link to moxie DaDA

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