May 6, 2009

Urban Construct

I recently ran across Stephanie Armbruster's work. I particularly love the Urban Construct series she did, but everything on her site is good. My only gripe is that there are only five pieces in the series - I want to see more!! Stephanie takes part in the Brewhouse Association and is a resident artist of Unsmoke Artspace. Great stuff all around!

Here's a short description she wrote describing the Urban Construct series:
Urban Construct, a new series of mixed-medium works, is a whimsical reflection on the post-industrial urban landscape, as informed by the interplay between urban culture and architecture. Buildings collide and join at odd angles, bridges lead to nowhere, and heaps of rubble mix with jumbled type in a struggle to accumulate new meaning. Produced in part at Artist Image Resource in Pittsburgh, these multi-layered works utilize printmaking, painting, drawing, and collage on translucent paper.

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