May 3, 2009

Nina Paley is Coming to Town!

That's right! The amazing, extroardinary woman! The one and only! Wait...what? You never heard of her??! Well, Nina Paley is the director of the award-winning independent feature film "Sita Sings the Blues" which has had many copyright claims against it unfortunately because of some issues with music she used that is very old.
Which is why you can now download the movie in any format for free. Free? Yep, free.

It's totally respectable that she put several years of work into this feature, won all these awards, and then just offers the film for free digital download. I urge everyone reading this that if you like the movie after watching it to at least purchase the packaging that she is offering on her site. She's coming in from NYC on May 9 and will be here for the weekend for a lunch at the Toonseum and then a screening that night!

From Joe Wos at the Toonseum:

Join the ToonSeum for a special luncheon featuring Nina Paley.
Nina, is the creator of the award winning animated film "Sita Sings the Blues."
Nina, will join us to discuss her life in comics and her journey that led to the creation of her amazing animated work.
The special luncheon with Nina will take place Saturday May 9th, 12 Noon at Gypsy Cafe. Admission is 20 dollars and includes lunch. Email for more information or to reserve seating is limited.

The ToonSeum is proud to present Nina Paley as part of the Silkscreen Film Festival, Sita Sings the Blues will be presented Saturday May 9th at 7pm.
Contact the Toonseum for more info!

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