May 26, 2009

Nic Vincent and Irina Clopatofsky at the Chiz

An upcoming ceramics and experimental show at the Chiz Galerie featuring work by Nic Vincent and Irina Clopatofsky (try saying her name 3 times fast) is happening Friday, June 5th from 6-9! You can see a couple of Nic's concrete pieces (really? concrete!?) above, and a couple of Irina's ceramics below.

Honestly, and I'm sorry for all of you ceramicists out there, but it really isn't my thing. Although, I do want to note that if the work is clearly planned out and controlled, I will definitely take the time to view, admire and appreciate the time that went into creating it, but I guess that applies to just about any kind of work, really.
Link to Gallerie Chiz site

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