May 19, 2009

Layers of the Mind from a Brazilian Artist

From the Post-Gazette NOW:
Memory is an elusive attribute anchored in the mind, itself uncharted territory, where what is factual and what is constructed frequently blend, or even reverse roles, and what is retained evolves.

Those concepts are part of what informs Brazilian artist Jose Rufino's explorations of how we remember. His efforts were inspired early on by individuals who disappeared between 1964 and 1987 in Brazil during a notorious military regime.

...He is currently in Pittsburgh to arrange a residency with the University of Pittsburgh Alzheimer research center to explore this more sanitized, if equally devastating, experience of disappearance. The resultant artwork will be exhibited in a 2010 exhibition of contemporary Brazilian artists, "Flipping Pop," at The Andy Warhol Museum.
Read more at "Brazilian artist delves into layers of the mind".

(Found via Post-Gazette NOW)

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