May 12, 2009


Gigapan is an online magazine that lets you view hi-res (gigapixel) images. It was developed by a Carnegie Mellon student, Dror Yaron, with support from Carnegie Mellon. So much fun!

From Pop City:
The magazine is a showcase for the GigaPan Project, a two-year collaboration of NASA’s Ames Research Center and Carnegie Mellon. The project developed a simple-to-use robotic device that captures very high resolution panoramic images—as in gigapixels— and transfers them to a standard digital camera. Images are stitched together to create a scene that encourages the reader to wander and explore the image.
Hoping to develop a way to show off the full potential of technology, (Dror) Yaron created the magazine with the help of a Point Park University photojournalism class. The first issue is all about Pittsburgh, from the metal artists of The Deer Head at Carrie’s Furnace to Pittsburgh ‘s Green Architecture. Yaron is putting out a call to readers and GigaPan photographers for submissions for future issues.
WARNING: This is very addicting!! Way too much fun zooming in and feeling like a spy!

UPDATE (5.15.09): Checkout the Gigapan blog!


(Found via Pop City Media)

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